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Perfection is so 2019 hun.

I am currently trying to write some copy and this picture is a representation of how my mind feels today – I’m doing my best.

I posted on Insta (on one of my many accounts) that I was feeling a bit blah and the support I received was pretty overwhelming. I have found that It’s when we are vulnerable and honest about both the good AND the bad that people really engage.

Most of us are sick of the pretence and after the absolute craziness of 2020, who can blame us – perfection is so 2019: “‘I am over seeing your perfect limbs as you sun yourself on a beach in Dubai hun” but I digress…

I keep coming back to the same piece of copy and changing it, then coming back again and hating the changes. The thing is, if it’s hard to write then 9/10 it’s usually hard to read too – which feels like a big waste of time…for everyone, but mostly for me.

How many times do you go back over copy?

I need to figure out how to speed up this process andof course why my best proofing is done AFTER I have submitted it.

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