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Workout equipment that you don’t need

All of my fitness equipment looks like this. New and glossy…totally untouched.

I realise my lockdown binge eating habits have got to stop – did you see my post about baking cakes? Anyway.

I have started exercising again and this is what I can tell you – you don’t need equipment, a fancy outfit or new trainers, you just need to do the exercises you enjoy and make things as easy as possible when you start – if you hate it, you won’t do it.

Here are my my exercise tips which are based on absolutely no experience and you actually didn’t ask for:

1. Follow a Youtube routine that you enjoy – I’m doing dance routines and excercises for the kids, so they can join in.

2. Do it at anytime of the day so you don’t feel pressure or guilt if you don’t do it first thing.

3. Include friends and/or family, you can WhatsApp and workout with a friend pretty easily and it can be hilarious (you know who you are!)

4. Dont worry if you miss a few days, because you will.

5. Turn your chores into a routine – ok, maybe not

5. Reward yourself at the end of the week…bake a cake, I did.

Hope these help. 🙂

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