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See you in my DMs

I don’t talk on the phone – actually, that’s a lie

There are 2-3 people I talk with on the phone, the majority of my immediate circle I communicate with via WhatsApp or DMs (email for the outer circle).

I didn’t choose this, it happened entirely on it’s own – it was organic. After all it’s so much easier to multitask this way. I can work, take care of the kids and listen to a podcast all whilst having a full blown convo via WhatsApp (with multiple people).

I am not sorry because the truth is, my schedule can get pretty crazy – high level multitasking is not a choice, it is a necessity.

Most of my freelance clients message throughout the day with phone calls saved for evaluation meetings. That said, although most of my interactions take place in my DMs for speed, having a Zoom session with my clients can be GAME CHANGING. You just can’t beat a face to face chat for sorting out tricky issues.

How do I get it all done? Read my post here…

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