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Freelance life is crazy.

Freelance life is crazy.

Every freelancer I speak to has a love hate relationship with it. Complaining on our WhatsApp groups yet each one swearing they’ll never go back to the office.

Another WhatsApp hot topic?

The heirachy between freelancers, owners and entrepreneurs – now that’s interesting. It’s all but disappeared, most of the people I know are attempting all three because in this economy one is often providing the funds for the other to happen.

Then there are those who have jobs and are trying to side hustle their way into leaving said job. It’s a subject I try to avoid, it’s triggering…8 years of working a job and having a side hustle has left it’s mark on me. *shudders*

But then who can do just one thing anymore?

Doing one thing you love and making enough money to thrive? Must be nice hun, must be nice.x

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