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– Project management without the overwhelm?

I have been on the lookout for an easy-to-use project management tool, one that doesn’t just organise my tasks but also helps with time management too. I am currently using Trello to manage a range of projects – it’s great. It enables me to share content with team members, map out my to-do list and keep file attachments in one place.

Diary and planner flatlay

The problem is, the more content you add to Trello the more confusing it gets – how many boards and lists can you create before it just becomes overwhelming and adds to the problem…rather than solving it?

Diary and planner

I am currently looking for an easy to use app or techy tool that will simplify everything – something that will keep me on track and allow me to store all of my notes and documents in the one place – does such a thing exist? Or do I go back to my trusty old planner and diary?

Answers on a postcard please.


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