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Thanks, but no thanks.

Last week I was asked to create a gift guide with a theme.

I did one for the office colleagues that some of you are missing – after all, most of us are now working from home.

I listed every type of team mate; from the one who became your work bff, to the hoarder who has all the stationary tucked away in their drawer, to the boss you actually quite like.

I reminisced over the office bants, the Xmas celebrations and the inevitable build up to Secret Santa: Who will you get? Will it be your office crush? Will it be the one who critiques your outfits everyday? Will it be the perpetual tea maker who only does it to avoid doing any work? Oh, the hours you’ll all spend trying to figure it out TOGETHER!

I realised one thing and one thing only.

I realised I don’t miss the office at all.


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