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The Work Fro

It’s a thing you know…the work fro.

It’s such a hard fro to pull off.

So hard, that those of us with afro hair really do not get enough credit for rocking our fros at work. All of the weirdness surrounding afros not being seen as appropriate for the office – that’s one thing. Then there’s striking the right balance between neat but still cool enough of a fro to not let the people down:

Headband or no?
Twist-out or nah?
Lay the edges or not?
High bun today?
Braid the front tomorrow?
Do I need to add colour?
Too much grease/oil?
Why is my twist out still damp??

…Those who know, KNOW.

The responsibility of wearing an afro in just the right way for work…it’s alot, but always worth the effort.

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