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Working from home and all the cake…

Cake…that’s what I have been doing for the past few weeks. Baking cake, after cake, after cake…

Instead of getting on with actual work, I have been focusing the majority of my time on home and recreational stuff – I blame Covid, but to be fair this has been going on for longer than it should.

I was so close to missing deadlines and I had to take stock.

Something had to give, so I stopped writing to-do lists. Instead, I wrote down what I was actually doing and NOT what I was supposed to be doing for the day. A small change, but it has been amazing for my productivity. It showed 75% home related, 10% work. The rest? Podcasts, TV and social media – in the name of research but still…

I had been able to keep up with most of my work by outsourcing and automation, but I was still not doing my best work. I was coasting and no longer scoring new clients because I had pretty much stopped pitching altogether.

For those feeling sluggish and lacking motivation – write down everything you do for 1 day – you’ll be surprised and glad you did. My guess is, the areas you want the results from are getting very little attention.

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